What is Cloud TnA

 Cloud TnA is a quick-to-setup, easy-to-use free time and attendance application, designed to run in Cloud operating system.  

Powerful Cloud TnA Web application is combined with Time Nfc Attendance Android App. This gives you an instant real-time insight into your company’s time attendance data. This allows you to effectively manage the working hours from virtually anywhere.

We give you possibility to dramatically reduce the number of hours required to process employee’s time and attendance.  Automatic calculation of  total work hours includes: overtime, vacation, sick leaves and holidays.

 Twenty years of experience and constant improvement, led us to the creation of a system that is  pretty unique. TnA Cloud features some options which are unavailable in some other time and attendance applications . For the first time, we are giving you a chance to benefit from using our time and attendance system, FREE  of charge!

Become one of many satisfied clients of  Cloud TnA time and attendance system. Start saving money by using our free application for monitoring workers’ presence. 


Cloud-based FREE time and attendance system is open for upgrades, in order to meet clients’ demands .


We are providing business solutions for companies, ranging from 10 up to 10.000 user, with various levels of security. By applying RFID technology,  like NFC  tags  or  MIFARE cards, in our time and attendance system, we are able to increase company’s security level. Since we are using heavy-duty devices  for recording employees’ proximity cards, their identification is certain. Also, one of the additional options is integrating IP camera, which records the image of the employee, at the moment of registration. This option eliminates any misuse or attempted of manipulation.

Time and attendance web aplication


 The versatility of Cloud TnA allows for a wide variety of applications:

  • Recording employees’ time and attendance for your business
  • Tracking of student’s attendance for your school
  • Tracking members attendance for your club or group
  • Recording time spent across multiple projects or clients