Cloud TnA – Cloud-based Time and Attendance Web application

Data collected by this Cloud-based Time and Attendance application are being processed in order to create reports. These reports are following series of relevant events related to employees attendance. These reports are allowing data analysis for individual employees, organization unit or the entire company. The application can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone, simply by entering defined username and password. TnA application provides a high level of data protection and an option to define different levels of users authorization. This is particularly useful in companies with complex organizational structure.

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Cloud-based Time and Attendance application – unique options

Shift auto-detection is an innovative feature that allows the user to define possible working time periods for each employee. Therefore, a worker is both obligated and entitled to work during the defined shift. When employee check-in at the entrance, the system reveals in which shift that employee begins to work. The interval of the defined shift is considered as regular working time. This way, it is unnecessary for HR management to be additionally engaged since the entire attendance clocking system is automated.

 Cloud-based Time and Attendance Reports

Reports contain tabular and graphic displays of the working time. Supervision of employees is conducted both through accessing reports and with real-time presence monitoring. This way, the user may have information about employees presence at any time. Besides providing control, this may also help in optimizing working of a team.

Manual entry is an option which allows to manually input events into the database. This option is mostly used by authorized personnel (security officer, doorman,etc. ), when it is necessary to enter data on an employee who hasn’t brought any form of identification registered to the system (such as ID card, key fob, tag). It is also useful when it’s necessary to make a correction of the entered time and event data.

Suspended events is an option of our application that provides a great advantage when it comes to handling events and information about the presence of workers. The event which was declared redundant at some point in time, will not be deleted from the database because it is necessary to keep track of updates and if necessary, do the additional correction. All of these events can be found in this category of suspended events.

Cloud TnA provides numerous benefits

Considering the fact that Cloud TnA Time and Attendance application has an option of defining different user accounts with different levels of data access, every company can assign the application access to groups of employees, according to their needs. Therefore, the company manager who is, for example, on a business trip abroad, will be able to receive proper information on employees attendance and then easily organize completion of a particular work task, with no need for a phone call, only by clicking in the app. On the other side, the worker at the company headquarters or the receptionist can provide exact information about requested person’s presence without interrupting other employees by phone calls or any other way.