Modern companies are relying more and more on systems of time attendance and access control in order to increase business efficiency and the security of the company’s facilities. With this system, employers have a better overview on each worker about his performance. By receiving regular graphic reports on employees and their efforts, executives can make more precise calculations of salaries. Reports can display workers delays, overtime hours, lunch breaks and other workers activities. These reports also provide sufficient information to management for eventual rearrangement of employees. Based on these reports, HR managers can decide how to dispose of employees in the most efficient way. How to use exceptional performance of a single employee to motivate an entire group or department.

Access control system allows you and your employees to time and to temporally and spatially restrict entry to certain parts of the company. With this system, you will increase safety inside of a company, gain better control over workers. With the system of access control and time attendance, an IP camera can be integrated, in order to capture an image of a worker at the moment he checks in at the entrance.

Our time attendance and access control system can be presented with three types of this system, with a variety of devices. Depending on the client’s requirements, we have developed variable options in order to provide the most efficient system of worker’s time clocking.