TnA Student Attendance Management software

Student Attendance Management application
TnA software platform is now available as a student attendance monitoring system. Cloud-based application allows both teachers and students to log in and log out, providing precise data on both students’ attendance and teachers working engagement. Users can log into the system by either using NFC identification card, tag or mobile phone with NFC capability. All data related to students attendance (one particular student, whole class or entire school, college) are available as graphical or tabular reports.

TnA, originally developed as a software platform for time and attendance of employees’, also proved as a reliable system, therefore capable of providing exact data on students attendance in both schools and institutions of higher education. This automated class attendance system allows teachers to precisely track student’s time on the classroom and it’s available at a very short notice.

Student Attendance Management – Features

TnA – a Cloud-based software platform, delivers a series of advantages.

1. This mobile and cloud-based attendance management system reduces the amount of paperwork and saves time and money required for efficient and precise calculation of attended classes.

2. Recording of students attendance is plain and simple by using NFC-enabled telephones or NFC cards or tags. TnA login application is available for free on Google Play.

3. All data related to student attendance are available in real-time. Presence, leaves (requested, approved and non-approved).

4. Ideal solution for institutions of higher education where class attendance is obligatory and part of a grading system. Points for class attendance are calculated automatically.

5. Attendance of the entire staff (professors, teachers, assistants), this option is also available. The user can track their presence if necessary.

6. Reports on students attendance and general performance can be forwarded via Email or SMS. An interesting option for parents.

7. TnA Student Attendance Management software generates various types of reports,  presenting them both in tabular or graphic form.

8. This system increases the safety of the students, while at the same time, minimizes the possibility of misuses or malpractice acts.